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elevating the daring


Like you, we think differently. We dream, plan, communicate and operate through the specialized lens of design.


Reel Estate Partners was created with style and penache for those of you who take the bold risk of being interesting.

• Unconventional
• Architectural
• Contemporary
• Modern
• One-of-a-Kind
• Best-In-Class


unique within the industry


We believe in niche over mass, buckling at institutional bloat with an energized team to contend with the biggest dinosaurs. We are a team of unicorns as well as the rocket fuel required to procure a filming profile worthy of your style.


professional partnerships


And the award goes to......! The unsung heroes of every production are undoubtedly LA’s community of hardworking location scouts and managers. We’ve created and nurtured a culture of long lasting sustained partnerships, and deeply value their herculean contributions to filmmaking.


a note from our founder


The decade I was born, Minimalism was carving out a new aesthetic in art, architecture and fashion. And although I coveted my brothers' Erector Sets and Tinker Toys, I had to console myself with the geometric lines of the Spirograph. I suspect that early, unfulfilled yearning is what engendered my lifelong embrace of all things modern.

Over the course of my life, I've traveled the globe – including a not-so-Year in Provence-style European relocation – but LA has been my chosen home for some twenty years. For the real estate-obsessed like me, its contemporary and architectural landscape is unmatched. (True confession: I regularly crash open houses… just for fun.)

I cherish my vintage Eames interlocking House of Cards deck and finally ordered the white LEGO Architecture Studio set I’ve coveted since it was first released. If you're here, reading this, you likely share my passion for the beauty and magic of design. Thank you for taking a stroll through our site, and we look forward to opening LA’s best-looking doors for you!

--Alison Miller


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